Why Life’s Next Steps

How a retiring baby boomer like you can create a personal life-transition plan.

You can begin by taking our “bite-size” course called Life’s Next Steps — The Essentials.

It is a workbook and video tutorial with Suzanne Armstrong explaining your steps to success.


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Top 5 Benefits

Top Five Benefits you’ll get from a Life’s Next Steps workshop –

  1. A clear vision of who you are now
    Work defines many of us, but that’s changing for you now. Who’s the new you?

    Life’s Next Steps helps you gain a deep understanding of your strengths, values, interests and passions. An understanding that will be the foundation of your lifestyle over the years ahead.

  2. The ability to make a fresh start
    You’re going through a very big transition. Many of your old networks, routines and responsibilities need to be replaced.

    Life’s Next Steps helps you set new goals and priorities so you can make a smooth transition from what you did to the meaningful and engaging things you are going to start doing now.

  3. A healthy frame of mind
    An active, involved and meaningful life puts you in a healthy, optimistic frame of mind. The Mayo Clinic found that optimistic people decreased their risk of early death by 50 per cent compared with those who leaned toward pessimism.

    The plan you develop with Life’s Next Steps keeps you focused on the positive aspects of life so you’ll look forward to every moment of every day.

  4. Vital input for your financial advisor
    You can’t tell if your financial plan will support your lifestyle for the rest of your life until you’ve done your retirement lifestyle plan.

    • Will you continue to work?
    • Where will you live in the near and longer term?
    • What activities will you pursue?

    All these decisions and more have a huge impact on your income and expenses, and the viability of your financial plan. Life’s Next Steps helps you make important lifestyle decisions that enable you to plan your finances with confidence.

  5. A solid, doable plan
    Most of us are very used to working to a plan. Business plans give us direction, focus and benchmarks to measure our success by. A lifestyle plan will do the same. And you’ll get help putting your plan into action. Workshop leaders are available for ongoing advice and you’ll stay in touch with a member of your workshop who you have chosen to be your peer coach.

    When you know what you’re going to do and how and when you’re going to do it, you’re truly living.