How a retiring baby boomer like you can create a personal life-transition plan.

You can begin by taking our “bite-size” course called Life’s Next Steps — The Essentials.

It is a workbook and video tutorial with Suzanne Armstrong explaining your steps to success.


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Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong, B.A., M.B.A.
CEO, Life’s Next Steps

T. Christian Armstrong is a senior business executive with over 30 years experience in leading individuals and organizations to high-level successes. Chris is a dynamic presenter and expert facilitator. Accordingly, his style provides clarity of vision, but also allows for much dialogue on issues. He uses examples from his rich career to illuminate key points. Most recently, Chris worked in New York as president of TD Waterhouse. When TD Waterhouse merged with Ameritrade, Chris took on a variety of operating responsibilities before devoting himself full-time to Life’s Next Steps.

Suzanne Armstrong

Suzanne Armstrong, B.A., M. Ed.
President, Life’s Next Steps

Suzanne Armstrong is an organizational consultant with over 30 years experience working with corporations to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. Her keen understanding of corporate life and how to manage change successfully is the foundation of Life’s Next Steps.

Suzanne created Life’s Next Steps in response to the scarcity of information and programs dealing with the life changes that 80 million members of the baby boom generation in North America are just beginning to face. While many people have planned their financial future, few have received help in determining how to live a happy, meaningful and engaged life in retirement.

“You would not start a business without a business plan — why should something as huge as retirement be any different?” says Suzanne. “We are here to help retiring boomers develop a clear road map that answers the big question of ‘What’s next?’ Having a life plan will help people make the best and most meaningful use of the time and resources at their disposal at retirement. Boomers will be a generation to redefine what ‘retirement’ means.”

Suzanne — herself born in the first year of the boomer generation — underwent this process of redefinition as she developed the workshop and used her own strengths, interests and passions as a focus.

Suzanne began her consulting career as a trainer, instructional designer and program developer. She honed these skills as a worldwide director of training and development for American Express based out of New York. Over time, the focus of her work turned to helping organizations such as J.P. Morgan/Chase, Citibank, AT&T and Blue Cross Blue Shield prepare for and sustain major strategic change. Recent clients include AGF Management (mutual funds), Moody’s Investor Services, Deloitte and Grey Global.